About the project


Our «Tea-Caravan» is traveling around Europe with a mission to create a Tea Brotherhood around the world and build bridges between tea lovers, various tea rooms and schools. We will be traveling in June 2016 around Italy, Austria, Germany, Czech Republic, Latvia and more depending where else we will be invited. We will be very grateful for invitations, for a chance to make friends in Europe, contacts and advices.

The route is more or less defines, but it is not too late to invite us to your town or to meet up for a tea if you live in one of the towns listed below. You can get in touch with us by e-mail: nastya.arsentyeva@gmail.com or in WhatsApp +393920318940

Our route 
May, 27 – Russia (Ufa, Kazan)
May, 31 – Moscow (Russia), Bergamo (Italy)
June, 1 – Verona, Padova (Italy)
June, 2 – Venice, Padova (Italy)
June, 3 – San Marino (Italy)
June, 4 – Urbino, Rome (Italy)
June, 5 – Rome (Italy)
June, 6 – few small towns in Tuscany (Italy)
June, 7 – Florence (Italy)
June, 8 – few small towns in Liguria (Italy)
June, 9 – Turin (Italy)
June, 10 – crossing Alps, arrival to France
June, 11 – Geneve (Switzerland), Karlsruhe (Germany)
June, 12 – Strasburg (France)
June, 13-17 – Germany, Austria
June, 17-22 – Czech Republic, Poland, Kaliningrad (Russia), Lithuania, Latvia
June, 22-30 Latvia, Bielorussia, Russia
From the 1st of July – moving back to Ufa (Russia) stoping in various towns.

Few pictures from the previous Tea-caravan trips