Tea-caravan is traveling around Europe


Eurotrip of the Tea-caravan has begun

The 3rd Tea-caravan has started it’s journey around Europe. The journey will last about 5 weeks.

Some of the destination are clear and some can be adjusted added program depending on the invites that we are receiving. If you would like to invite the Tea-caravan (FarkhatDzha and ChayTania, the creators of the project) to your town, please contact us by email: nastya.arsentyeva@gmail.com o via WhatsApp +393920318940

May, 27 — Russia (Ufa, Kazan)
May, 31 — Moscow (Russia), Bergamo (Italy)
June, 1 — Verona, Padova (Italy)
June, 2 — Venice, Padova (Italy)
June, 3 — San Marino (Italy)
June, 4 — Urbino, Rome (Italy)
June, 5 — Rome (Italy)
June, 6 — few small towns in Tuscany (Italy)
June, 7 — Florence (Italy)
June, 8 — few small towns in Liguria (Italy)
June, 9 — Turin (Italy)
June, 10 — crossing Alps, arrival to France
June, 11 — Geneve (Switzerland), Karlsruhe (Germany)
June, 12 — Strasburg (France)
June, 13-17 — Germany, Austria
June, 17-22 — Czech Republic, Poland, Kaliningrad (Russia), Lithuania, Latvia
June, 22-30 Latvia, Bielorussia, Russia
From the 1st of July — moving back to Ufa (Russia) stoping at various towns.



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